Dadu was founded in 2015 in my studio. The space is rooted in its neighborhood in East Nashville (Lockeland Springs) and curatorial programming reflects a deep respect for and interest in the intersections of art and life. The name comes from the Nashville city code name for tiny homes on one’s property, Detached Accessory Dwelling Units. Dadu hosts two exhibitions with a commitment to seeing programming reflect the diversity, justice, intentionality and equality that first drew the artist to her family to the neighborhood in 2005.

Dadu's Inaugural exhibition was June 13, 2015. In addition to exhibition, programming includes "Pie Club" at which participants have coffee and cobbler made with the peaches from the back yard tree. We discuss a presented topic around contemporary art and invite special guests. Topics have included quilts, gardening, sketchbooks and always, painting.

In addition to exhibitions and socials, the space hosts intimate artist talks, fundraisers and workshops.