published on the occasion of The Find, June 2022 solo show at Night Gallery

hosted by Brian Edmond's project, Curating Contemporary

Interview with Joanna Pottle concurrent with Duke Hall Gallery show, curated by John Ros, March 2019

Magical Marks: Screen Door at Tops Gallery (Memphis) Ann Craven, EJ Hauser, Dana Frankfort and Margaux Ogden-Hunter Braithwaite, Curator

October 2014, Hiram Van Gordon Memorial Gallery, Tennessee State University

2013, Coop Gallery, Nashville TN

2011, Group show of work addressing gender through fiber-Aimee Miller, Lesley Patterson-Marx and Jeanne Williamson

2008, Work by Sean Leonardo, Nate Creekmore and Mark Belton

2009-2010, Served as Project Lead and Production Manager for William Pope.L's "Re-Enactor" 48-hour immersive film project in collaboration with Tennessee State University and Scarrit Bennet Center

2010, Hiram Van Gordon Memorail Gallery, solo exhibition of collage-basd artist Kamal Al-Mansour

2009, Solo exhibition of Cousin's performative work and panel discussion

2010, collaborative exhibition celebrating the history and connection to letterpress broadsides, in conjunction with Carl Pope solo show "The Bad Air Smelled of Roses" and artist talk

2009, solo show of digitally-created large scale work of virtual urban environments